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Why Sanitary pads are life-saving for women?

A woman uses 6000 pads in a lifetime, but do you think every woman has access to sanitary pads?

The answer is a straight NO. Menstruation is still considered taboo in many countries that women feel embarrassed talking about it. A girl can not openly talk about her periods and if she has her periods, she is not allowed to visit religious gatherings, the kitchen, etc. 

Many areas in our country do not even have access to sanitary pads and they use old dirty clothes, inviting many serious diseases. Every woman must use sanitary pads to stay healthy.

What do sanitary pads do?

● They absorb the menstrual blood and are easy to use.

● There are reusable pads that can be washed again and again, and hence, affordable.

● There are many sanitary pads available in the market that are used differently depending upon the flow of blood.

Advantages of sanitary pads

 Sanitary pads are easy to use. You just have to pull it out, stick it and you are good to go. They do not cause discomforts like menstrual cups and tampons which few girls find uncomfortable.

 Sanitary pads are available all over the cities and are a cheaper option for women.

 Sanitary pads are disposable and this advantage makes them quite handy to use.

● Sanitary pads keep the private area dry and prevent many diseases because blood is the main cause of infection. 

Many NGOs and Government Schemes have started distributing free sanitary pads to the areas where women can not afford even cheap pads. Sanitary pads are life-saving for women because if there is poor menstrual hygiene, many problems can occur in women. Proper health and menstrual hygiene not only save women but also lowers the gap in gender equality. Unhygienic conditions can cause physical and mental instability that undermines the progress of women.

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