Sad Child picture- Physical and Mental Health


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH is the most prevalent issue plaguing children in the present generation stemming from abnormal physical and mental health. Often, these can be prevented or controlled with the conscientious effort of children’s loved ones. Knowing what they are can be the first step in understanding and helps best to control them.

Physical Health Issues:

1. Childhood Obesity: It’s a major concern today. Fast food and packaged foods have quadrupled over the years. Unfortunately, children binge on such foods, which causes malnutrition and various diseases. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle thanks to smartphones, the effects are far more devastating. Proper exercise and eating vegetables can minimize the effects.

2. Dental problems: No one is immune from the delectable-looking food, much less the children. The aesthetic-looking sugary foods and drinks might be appealing on the outside, but the effects of such food cause tooth decay and gum diseases. Regular brushing and dental visits can help alleviate dental problems.

3. Virtual Autism: Virtual autism occurs due to the increased usage of mobile screens. A recent study shows that young children who use mobile phones and play video games are prone to virtual autism. Virtual autism is manageable by minimizing screen time.

Mental health issues:

1. Depression: Depression is a complex condition. It’s an array of different emotions, namely hopelessness, sadness, mood swings, and anxiety. These emotions at times can be overwhelming for children. There isn’t any single factor that causes depression, but a host of them like pressure from parents, bullying, insecurities etc. Parents should help their children to navigate these negative emotions by providing support where it is needed.

2. Cyberbullying: The internet might very well be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Although being on social media is considered a status and a privilege, it can put innocent people in the crossfire with nameless cyberbullies. Statistics show a rate of 45% of children hiding cases of cyberbullying from their parents. Instead of berating the child, the parents must help them understand the ugly side of the internet and how to protect themselves from its clutch.

3. Internet and gaming addiction: The rate of Internet users has doubled in recent years. Often, children are susceptible to video games like PUBG can foster aggressive behaviour and ultimately lay the foundation for a hostile personality that they may develop later in their life.

4. Body image issues: social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have been at the forefront of the present generation. Almost everyone has accounts on social media. Young minds are easily swayed. They tend to compare themselves with social media influencers, ignoring the use of filters, makeup and surgeries. Allowing children to air their insecurities freely can help them embrace their bodies positively.

To conclude, with proper nurturing and care from the children’s loved ones, they are better equipped to deal with these issues efficiently.

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