Channel Your CSR Funds to Natkhat Bachpan Foundation

Introduction: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a powerful tool that allows companies to make a positive impact on society. If your company is committed to creating a better world for underprivileged children, then partnering with Natkhat Bachpan Foundation is the perfect way to align your CSR goals with tangible results. By directing your CSR funds …

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NGO and Trust

NGO vs Trusts

NGO and Trust are both nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and trusts are organizations that work toward the same overarching purpose; however, these two types of organizations differ from one another in a number of critical respects, including the legal structure, governance, and operational methods that they utilize. Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are organizations that work toward the …

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NGOs and Society

NGO’s Vs Society’s

NGOs & Society- NGOs & society are intertwined and play significant roles in forming neighborhoods and resolving a range of social concerns. The approaches that societies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) take to accomplishing their missions couldn’t be more different from one another, despite the fact that both types of organizations are working toward the same …

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NGOs are independent and mostly non-profitable organizations & NPOs on the other hand work on a broader range. NGOs are a specific subset of NPOs that focus on human rights issues whereas NPOs encompass a broader range of organizations that operate in various fields for the betterment of society. Although there are a number of …

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CSR Corporate Social Responsibilities

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities)

When we emphasize that a company has “corporate social responsibility,” which is also sometimes shortened to “CSR,” we are highlighting that the organization is socially accountable for the effects that it has on society, the environment, and the stakeholders that it serves. When we talk of a business as having “corporate social responsibility,” which is frequently …

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Women objectification in POP Culture.

Women’s Objectification in Pop Culture

Pop culture has a significant impact on society, shaping our attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. Unfortunately, one recurring issue that persists within popular media is the objectification of women. In this blog post, we will delve into the concerning phenomenon of women’s objectification in pop culture. Objectification refers to the reduction of a person to the …

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Consequences of Poor Menstrual Hygiene

Consequences of Poor Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene is the availability of sanitary pads and the maintenance of clean surroundings during menstruation, which leads to a well-functioning and healthy reproductive system. But due to the lack of awareness, low access to menstrual products, inadequate sanitation facilities, and most importantly the societal stigma and taboos attached to it, adolescent girls, women, and …

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Sad Child picture- Physical and Mental Health


• PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH is the most prevalent issue plaguing children in the present generation stemming from abnormal physical and mental health. Often, these can be prevented or controlled with the conscientious effort of children’s loved ones. Knowing what they are can be the first step in understanding and helps best to control them. …