Digital Literacy and access to technology

Digital literacy and access to technology


Digital Literacy and access to technology play a pivotal role in today’s increasingly fast-paced world. It has made communication more efficient and has made our lives smoother as now we can pay our bills, and purchase groceries from the comforts of our homes. It has also contributed to increased productivity at work. Most of us cannot imagine our lives without technology. Nevertheless, how many of us have access to technology or are digitally literate?

Digital literacy refers to the person’s ability to effectively use the Internet and all devices that use the Internet (like smartphones, laptops) to access, evaluate, and communicate information. Data suggests that only 29% of women in India are digitally literate, and rural areas have a low digital literacy rate. Rural areas in India comprise women and children who are underprivileged. One of the primary reasons for low digital literacy rates in India is that people in these areas do not have access to technology or the required internet bandwidth.

Digital literacy and access to technology for underprivileged women and children

A nation can truly progress if its women and children are empowered. Children are the future of a country. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rightly said, ‘’The children of today will make the India of tomorrow’’. If underprivileged children are digitally literate and have access to technology then learning will become more engaging and interesting for them. They can learn from several free learning resources available on the internet. They may gain knowledge and develop new skills to become a better individual.

Similarly, if the woman is digitally literate and has access to the internet and internet-enabled devices, new employment and livelihood opportunities will open up for her. With a plethora of information available on the internet, she may start a new business and can make more informed decisions about her life and career. If the woman is self-sufficient, she can help in the country’s economic development.  


Various non-profit organizations are working for the welfare of underprivileged children and women. One such organization is Natkhat Bachpan Foundation which provides shelter, healthcare, and employment opportunities to poor children and women. It also imparts digital skills to vulnerable sections of society.

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